Friday, August 27, 2010

Launch Date for Studio J® Memberships & 5-Packs Sept. 8

Launch Date for Studio J® Memberships & 5-Packs Sept. 8
The Idea Book shows the launch date for the new Studio J features and options as September 1, 2010. Because we want to make sure it is well-tested and rock solid, we are pushing the release back a week to Wednesday, September 8, at 9 am (MDT). Thank you for your patience as we work to deliver this exciting update to Studio J.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer coming to an End!

Boo is almost over. Labor Day is approaching but do not despair...Studio J memberships are almost here. This is starting September 1st...check it out on my website and play around. Pages can be saved.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Scrapbook Club Layout 8.13.2010/Hot Summer

Scrapbook Club met last night and we created this layout using Cherry O level 2 paper packet...titled Hot Summer in dedication to all this 100 degree weather we have been having.Next month we will try our hands at Workshop on the Go Zippidee...

Monday, August 9, 2010

Friday, August 6, 2010

New Consultant Kits....

The New Consultant Kit now has greater customizability while maintaining the great value it has always had. The kit now provides every Consultant with the Business Essentials they need to run their business PLUS their choice of 3 of the 6 “choose me” options to meet their unique business needs. If a new Consultant wants them all, they can purchase them all! Each additional “choose me” option is only $40 US / $47 CAN. Close To My Heart provides a new Consultant a super value with the New Consultant Kit. A new Consultant can receive a kit that is two to three times the value of the price.
2. When will the change be effective?
The New Consultant Kit, including the new "choose me" options, will be available August 1, 2010.
3. Does a new Consultant have to purchase the New Consultant Kit to join the company?
Yes. The New Consultant Kit is a required purchase.
4. Will there be any Bonus Packs like those found in previous Idea Books?
No. The change to the kit provides 6 “choose me” options that a new Consultant can select from to create a kit that is perfect for their unique needs. There are 6 "choose me" options and each has a slightly different emphasis, such as cardmaking, scrapbooking, stamping, organization, or Studio J®.
5. Where can a prospective new Consultant see what is available in the New Consultant Kit?
The best place for a prospective new Consultant to see what is available in the kit is in the Autumn/Winter 2010 Idea Book on pages 106–107. Full color photos of the “choose me” options are shown along with a list of the Business Essentials items that come with every kit.
6. What are the Business Essentials that come with each New Consultant Kit?
Every kit comes with the essential pieces that every Consultant needs to get started. The Business Essentials include the hostess brochures, recruiting brochures, order forms, current Idea Books, the latest copy of KeyNotes®, and more—all the critical items that you need to do business successfully. The Business Essentials have a retail value of more than $62 US/ $72 CAN. See a complete list of all the Business Essentials right in the Idea Book on page 106.
7. Does a New Consultant get to choose what is in their kit?
Yes! In addition to the Business Essentials, which come with every kit, the new Consultant gets to select three “choose me” options as part of the base price of $129/$149. The “choose me” options are tailored to the type of business a new Consultant may be interested in creating. If a new Consultant is interested in classic scrapbooking or cardmaking, there are options perfect for her. If a new Consultant is interested in building a business around Studio J®, there are options perfect for this Consultant. If a Consultant would like to do a bit of everything, the options can be mixed and matched to give them a bit of classic and online. And better yet, if a new Consultant so desires, they can purchase 1, 2, or all of the remaining "choose me" options!
8. Will the “choose me” options change with each Idea Book, like the Hostess Rewards Plus! collections change?
Yes! Many of the “choose me” options will change with each Idea Book, especially those that showcase the latest classic products found in the Idea Book.
9. Has the price for the New Consultant Kit changed?
Yes, the price has changed. The price of the kit is only $129 US/ $149 CAN with a retail value of over $400/$440. We are continuing to offer the New Consultant Kit for a low price AND with a retail value double or in many cases triple the retail price. And now, we are giving a new Consultant the chance to personalize their kit with greater selection options.
10. What if the new Consultant wants to purchase all of the “choose me” options, can they?
You bet! The New Consultant Kit includes 3 “choose me” options plus the Business Essentials for only $129/$149; however, if a new Consultant would like to add a fourth, fifth, or even a sixth “choose me” option to their kit, they can do so for only $40/$47 each! For all six options PLUS the Business Essential, the price is approximately $250 / $290.
11. What if the new Consultant wants to purchase fewer than three of the “choose me” options, can they?
No. The minimum purchase price is $129/$149 for the new Consultant kit which includes the Business Essentials and 3 “choose me” options. The value is sensational and only available now as a newly enrolling Consultant. Encourage the new Consultant to take advantage of this offer and select an option that will work for their business. Because many are starting their business for the first time, they may not understand how this will benefit their business and could use your expertise and guidance to step them through the process.
12. What is the shipping and handling for the kit?
The shipping and handling for the New Consultant Kit is as follows:
US Ground: $14.00
US 3-Day: $34.00
US 2-Day: $44.00
Canada: $25.00
Alaska/HI/Guam/PR: $50.00
APO/FPO: $38.00
The shipping price remains the same regardless of how many “choose me” options are included with the kit.
13. What are my shipping options for the New Consultant Kit?
In the US: UPS (Ground, 3-day, or 2-day)
Canada: Landmark
14. Can I purchase a New Consultant Kit with a personal check?
No, personal checks are not accepted for the New Consultant Kit. The enrollment process requires a credit card to purchase and is entered online during the enrollment process.
15. How does a new Consultant enroll and select the kit they would like?
Enrollment happens online through the new enrollment process. Simply send the new Consultant to your MyCTMH website and have them click on Your Opportunities. Or if you don’t have a MyCTMH site, have a new Consultant visit and click on What We Do > Be a Consultant > Enroll Now. During the enrollment, the new Consultant will be asked to select the “choose me” options they would like. They can even select them all if they would like!
16. Can a new Consultant enroll through my MyCTMH website?
Yes! Most definitely. Simply have them click on the Your Opportunities link from the home page of your site.
17. If a new Consultant selects the MyCTMH site as one of the “choose me” options, how do they sign up for their site?
Once the new Consultant has signed up, they will receive additional direction via email on how to create their own MyCTMH website. And remember, ProPay is no longer required to have a MyCTMH Tier II website, so it’s even easier and more affordable for your new Downline to have a site.
18. If a new Consultant selects the Studio J® membership as one of the “choose me” options, how do they redeem the membership?
Once the new Consultant has signed up, they will receive additional direction via email on the Studio J membership they have selected. Consultants may access Studio J through their Online Office account.
19. How long are the New Consultant Kit and “choose me” options available?
The products found in the Business Essentials and “choose me” options are available for the life of the Idea Book in which they are shown. The contents of the kit and “choose me” options are subject to change at the discretion of Close To My Heart. There is no guarantee that the current “choose me” options will be featured in subsequent Idea Books or that the retail values will remain the same.
20. Can an active Consultant purchase the New Consultant Kit outside of the enrollment process?
While you are able to order each of the products individually, the New Consultant Kit and the “choose me” options are not orderable by active Consultants. They are only available for new Consultants during enrollment and are non-commissionable.
21. Are the products guaranteed through the life of the Idea Book?
No. Products contained in the New Consultant Kit can change without notice at the discretion of Close To My Heart.
22. Will I receive commissions on the kit and options purchased by a new Consultant?
No, the New Consultant Kit and “choose me” options are not commissionable items

Thursday, August 5, 2010

2,4,6,8 Appreciation Sale is going strong!!

Place your order today and take advantage of all the great savings! Any questions give me a call. Just go to my webpage at!!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Some colors that are retiring 8.30.2010

Orange, Start Spangled Blue, Hydrangea, Clover meadow, Bubblegum, Watermelon, Citrus leaf, Ocean.

also Remember the clearance sale starts August 4th on the retired items for the Summer 2010 catalog. Call if you have any questions about what these items are or if there is a favorite item you want to check on...

Monday, August 2, 2010

Scrapbook Page samples

Retiring colors Sept 1st

Orange, Start Spangled Blue, Hydrangea, Clover meadow, Bubblegum, Watermelon, Citrus leaf, Ocean.

Check out the retire list asap...go on sale August 4th