Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hooligan Bag

Barb Carrico is at it again.....Close to my Heart consultants are awesome!

this is why Barb so deserves the Spirit of Close to my Heart

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to update you all again! On Friday, a really good friend and I went shopping... we took a list of M/F, their sizes and general needs, and spent $800. and 3+ hours shopping at WalMart. Then we loaded the car up and headed back to my house where we spent the next 3+ hours addressing the boxes, taping, sorting through everything and loading the boxes. All I can say is WOW! I am so incredibly amazed at what we could do with $800.!! We are helping all 19, with all the extra items being sent to the contact person, to give to someone who needs it the most!

Just so you know, I did ask WalMart for any 'help' they could give and they told me that they could not give me a discount, or 'cash', but that they would consider my request and if they decided to 'help' it would be in the form of a gift card. And that I might even get it before we left that day... I haven't heard from them YET, however, I figured that if they did donate something, I would go spend the gift card on generic things and send them to the whole group via my contact!

We had a great time shopping for everyone, figuring out how to best find things for them that would help... We bought sport bras, undies, socks and fem. product (this was a specific request of us) for the ladies, and brief's & sock for the guys... along with the regular personal stuff... EVERYONE got: A Toothbrush, a whole tube of toothpaste, regular size deodorant, several washcloth's, chapstick and LOTS more... including some munchies, mints and gum! I still need to go back to the store for a few things I forgot to put on the list, but hope that the packages will be on their way tomorrow morning!

I know that the emails & pictures get messed up on yahoo sometimes, so I decided to post something about this on my blog... you can check the pictures out (see below for the link) there! And should we get any back from the soldiers, or notes... I will post most of them there!

Thank you all again! You ARE the best!!



Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Flower card from Stamp of the month/August

Hooligan level 1 kit

Both of these Hooligan layouts were made from one level 1 kit on Page 18 x7129A for 9.95....The cute adhesive felt monsters are on page 91 Z1332 4.95 Order yours today!

Hooligan level 1 kit

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Posting new "Workshop of the Go" Samples,Zippidee

Will be posting this later today...what a kit, so much you can do and I still have paper left over.Awaiting my pictures from Kodak gallery toput in layouts!