Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Consultant Kit..Sept 1st..Read on

I personally recommend the new kit and choosing kits 1 and 2, then one of the other product collections. This will get them the MyCTMH website (expect future clearance sales with the retired products), the Studio J membership (1/2 price layouts) and a collection of product. Huge value and a great way for them to get started with the website and membership at such a low price! Personally, I'd then rather have them place product orders (vs ordering more kits) because they can put it in as a gathering, get the free stamp of the month, hostess rewards, counts towards sales and towards earning their STTT!

If they wanted everything, I'd recommend getting the consultant kit with Choose Me 1, 2 & 6 (which are the 3 highest values, giving a retail value of $338.15 for only $129). Then as a consultant, order the items (assuming they want them all) from Choose Me 3, 4 & 5; using the B stamp set and 2 ink pads from Choose Me 4 (B1362, Z2111, Z2116) as the Hostess Rewards ($24.45). This would give them a $176.70 gathering, which would get them the stamp of the month free (and other incentives like Triple Play)! They would get a $38.87 discount for their 22%, it would count towards their sales and STTT and allow them the ability to customize the order to exactly what they wanted! (It'll cost about $20 more this way; however, they'll be getting the SOM and any other incentives, plus work towards their STTT and give them the flexibility to truly get the product they want!) Just my 2 cents worth!! ;0)

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